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As I write this we’re at the end of a wet and windy week in January. There’s been no sign of snow (maybe still to come) and although it has been cold, we’ve also had some relatively bright days too.  It might be tempting, on a mild day, to get out there and cut your grass, but if the ground is wet you could cause more mess than good.  The best advice is to stay off the grass until the ground has dried out. There are other things you can do…

  • Using sharp hand tools, why not prune fruit trees? Deciduous trees and hedges (one’s that loose their leaves in winter) can also be cut back now.  It is their dormant season and you can see what you are doing when there are no leaves.  If your trees are too big for you to manage, contact a tree surgeon.
  • If the ground is dry enough, why not repair bumps or hollows in your lawn? The RHS suggest cutting an H in the turf, peeling back the grass to fill in the hollow or scrape away the soil. Re-lay the turf over the flattened ground and pinch the cut edges together.
  • Moles can be more active in January & February.  If your lawn looks like a mini mountain range, remove the largest hills and firm down ready to re-seed in the spring.
  • If you’ve had leaves on your garden, now is a good time to rake them up, along with any garden debris spread around by storm Brendan.
  • If you have a log burner or open fire, you might be using a chainsaw to chop up fallen or seasoned trees.  Make sure your chain is sharp and that you use proper chain oil.  It lubricates the chain, keeps the dust down and stops the saw getting gummed up on sappy wood.

If you are thinking of getting your equipment serviced we suggest you get it booked in NOW! On the first sunny weekend in March, everyone gets their mower out of the shed and if it doesn’t start, our phone rings off the hook.  By getting it serviced in the winter it will be ready for when you need it and you won’t have to wait.  We look forward to hearing from you.


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