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Taking Care of Your Chainsaw

Chainsaws are the perfect tool for trimming or taking down thick bushes, trees and shrubs.

Here are six tips to help you take care of your chainsaw – and make sure it’s ready for you to use:

  1. Keep it clean

The air and filters in your chainsaw prevent the machine from overheating and becoming dangerous. For this reason, you should clean your chainsaw after use and replace the air filter every 100 hours of cutting.

  1. Regularly check the chain

The part of your chainsaw that makes the blades turn the chain, should be regularly checked for dullness, damage or broken links.

  1. Replace the chain yearly

Even if you haven’t spotted any obvious signs of damage to your chain, you should change the chain on your machine at least once a year. This will prevent the chainsaw from becoming hazardous and ineffective.

  1. Degrease after use

Your chainsaw may become dirty and greasy, which can damage the machine. Always degrease your chainsaw after use – but only when the machine is completely cool.

  1. Prepare for storage

If you’re not going to be using the chainsaw over the winter, drain the fuel/oil mix. This can help to prepare the machine for storage and ensure it’s still working effectively once it gets to work again.

  1. Service the chainsaw frequently

Have your chainsaw serviced once a year. It’s a serious power tool and it is, therefore, important to keep it working effectively – and more importantly, safely.

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