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E10 Petrol in Lawnmowers

E10 petrol is now standard at most petrol stations Petrol hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons recently & hopefully the fuel shortage is now over, however one issue is set to be topical for a good while yet - E10 petrol in lawnmowers. Have you heard of E10...

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What is the best ride on mower (for me)

We are often asked which ride on mower is the best of the bunch. Is it a John Deere, a Honda or a Mountfield? These are all names which have been around for years and are well known for making sit on mowers. The answer for us should actually be turned around to ask...

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Autumn Gardening Tips from Fenland Spirit Services

Now that the nights are drawing in, the days are cooler and we are seeing a lot more rainy and windy weather, do you find it’s a struggle to get out in the garden?  Make the most of a nice day to get the grass cut, rake up fallen leaves & pick up any debris...

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Gardening under Lockdown

Gardening under the Lockdown conditions caused by the coronavirus crisis, has been the one thing for many people which has kept them sane.  The plant & seed companies were as busy as the supermarkets with queues just to get onto their websites.  Then,...

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Lawnmowers Marching into Spring

With the high winds and almost constant rain in January & February, I’m sure I’m not the only one after that, looking forward to longer days and warmer weather.  We all feel so much better and can finally get started on those gardening tasks and get the lawnmowers...

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5 Tips for your garden as we begin 2020

As I write this we’re at the end of a wet and windy week in January. There’s been no sign of snow (maybe still to come) and although it has been cold, we’ve also had some relatively bright days too.  It might be tempting, on a mild day, to get out there and cut...

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Preparing your garden tools for storage

As you're putting your garden power tools away for the winter, it’s worth taking some time to ensure they’ll be good to go next year. Use these five tips to prepare your garden tools for storage – and keep them in top condition for spring: 1. Make sure all tools are...

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5 Tips For Preparing Your Lawnmower For Winter

Winter is coming so to prepare your lawnmower for next spring please see below. Clean out debris from underneath your lawnmower.  Grass compacts under the deck, scrape it out and give it a dose of WD40 or equivalent, this reduces your deck rotting and grass...

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Taking Care of Your Chainsaw

Chainsaws are the perfect tool for trimming or taking down thick bushes, trees and shrubs. Here are six tips to help you take care of your chainsaw – and make sure it’s ready for you to use: Keep it clean The air and filters in your chainsaw prevent the machine from...

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