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Our Green Ideals

“I only feel angry when I see waste.  When I see people throwing away things we could use.” – Mother Teresa

Our Values

Our business is run on a foundation of environmental values.  Many of the mowers which come into us were destined for the scrap man or would be taken to the local dump.  We welcome trade in mowers from customers or buy them from dealers or individuals which would otherwise go to the tip.

We can take the good parts from scrap mowers or refurbish them to give a new lease of life to the old machinery.  We believe that much of the older equipment has the potential to be properly recycled and put back into service, possibly for many years to come.

Aspen Fuel

As part of our commitment to actively protect the environment we also supply Aspen fuel.  It is an alkylate fuel which does not contain benzine or ethanol.  This means it does not release environmentally damaging fumes when in use.

Better For You

Aspen is also better for the user as there are no smelly & harmful fumes to be inhaled whilst using your machinery, reducing headaches caused by exhaust gases, helping to make your gardening jobs much more enjoyable.

Real Recycling

Why buy a new mower when you can save yourself some money, help the environment by purchasing a refurbished machine and support a local small business in real recycling.

If a part is unavailable for your mower, we will attempt to find an alternative solution, either in our extensive collection of used parts, by repairing it or maybe fabricating a suitable part.

Our intention is to keep your machinery going for as long as possible, saving you money and minimising the amount of used equipment ending up in the scrapyard or landfill.


Your small petrol engine can use Aspen fuel with no adaptations, it is a direct replacement for pump fuel.  It even comes in premixed 2 stroke so there is no need to mess around with measuring jugs.

Aspen does not leave any residue inside the engine meaning your equipment runs cleaner, starts better after the winter break and doesn’t block up the tiny pipes or holes inside the carburettor.

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    Our Services

    We are qualified engineers able to service and repair your equipment for a fair price.

    Fenland Spirit Services provides a very happy and efficient experience for your tired, overworked lawnmower.  We can service, repair and sharpen all types and makes of rotary and cylinder mower.  If you are in the Areas We Cover we can provide free collection of your cylinder or rotary lawnmower.

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    Fenland Spirit Services is the ideal business to come to for Ride on mower servicing and repairs.  We can service and repair all makes and model of sit and ride lawnmowers, efficiently and cost effectively. A standard service on a ride on mower starts at £179 and includes oil and filter change, spark plug(s), air filter clean or replace, carburettor overhaul, blade(s) sharpened and balanced, deck cleaned out and treated, cables lubricated and checked.  Belts, bearings and other wearing parts will be checked and customer agreement gained prior to replacement.

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    Fenland Spirit Services offers servicing, repairs and maintenance of many different makes of 2 and 4 stroke garden equipment.  This includes strimmers, chainsaws, hedge trimmers, pressure washers, generators, edgers, rotavators, cultivators and tillers. We can also help with small engined construction equipment, just get in touch to your discuss your needs.

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    Reliable, refurbished and reasonably priced mowers fully serviced with a warranty. Includes ride on mowers, rotavators and garden machinery. We accept card payments and welcome trade-in’s. Don’t take your old mower to the dump, bring it to us for real recycling and a discount against a replacement which works.

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