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Mower sales service & repair
Mower Sales service & repair

Life is getting more expensive

There’s not a day that passes when we’re not reminded about the rising cost-of-living. Right now everyone is watching what they spend. We all want to get value for money without compromising on the quality of service we receive. At Fenland Spirit Services, we pride ourselves on offering great value, excellent service and so much more to our customers. We don’t like to blow our own trumpet but as a small family run business that gets consistently good customer feedback, we must be doing something right! Here are 7 reasons to choose Fenland Spirit Services for your lawnmower, garden equipment or Winter Service.

1. Value for money lawnmowers

The bottom line is that buying a used, serviced lawnmower is much cheaper than buying a new one. What’s more, if you buy a used mower, you can often get a higher grade, a much better make, model and machine than if you had purchased a new one.

Our prices are considerably lower than main dealers with no compromise on the quality of machine and the technical know-how required to deliver what customers need. Your old lawnmower will be recycled and refurbished by Stuart and the team who are qualified engineers with many years of experience in the industry.

You can have confidence when you buy from Fenland Spirit Services. Our mowers are fully serviced, demonstrated, in good working order, sold with a warranty and ride on’s can be delivered locally. We go the extra mile for our customers and work hard to keep your lawnmower running for miles of usage!

We always have a wide selection of mowers and garden equipment. Get in touch to arrange a viewing. We’re here to help!

2. Great advice about lawnmowers

Above all else, we want to share our knowledge and expertise to help you get the right lawnmower at the best price and get the most out it. We want you, the customer to get maximum value out of the money spent with us.

We’re not just here to sell lawnmowers. We want you to understand the do’s and don’ts to keep your lawnmower in tip top condition and avoid costly pitfalls.

Just the other day, Carol advised a customer that the problem he was having with his petrol mower sounded fuel related not down to the mower itself. So if he went off and bought a new one, he’d only have the same issues again after spending loads of extra money. He was much better off getting the right advice from us about what fuel to use and saving that cash.

Fuel has been a big issue over recent months. E10 fuel is 10% ethanol which is great for the birds, bees and flowers but not so good for small engined machinery. Ethanol will draw moisture out of the air and turn it into water in your fuel tank. It will cause damage to rubber fuel pipes and to the aluminium insides of your carburettor. Over time, it will cause problems and cost you more money to repair your equipment. We recommend not using E10 petrol and instead buying E5 and treating it with a fuel stabiliser or using Aspen Fuel. You may have read our blogs on this topic or seen posts on our social media channels that show the dangers of using Ethanol in lawnmowers.

We also regularly offer advice on 2 stroke equipment and have started daily Instagram and Facebook posts to share our knowledge about using lawnmowers and other garden machinery. Answering questions such as Can I adjust the handle height of my mower? and Should I cut my grass in winter? You will also get top tips; recent posts include 5 tips for preparing your garden tools for storage.

Customers on our mailing list receive information on how to care for their mowers and the opportunity to book their machinery for service at our lowest prices. We’re here to help you anticipate problems before they arise and save you money. If you have a burning question about your lawnmower, please contact us for advice.

Lawnmower line up
Lawnmowers & garden machinery sales all through the year

3. Winter Service: Helping you maintain your lawnmower

The perfect time to get your lawnmower serviced is just before you store it for Winter. This will ensure that your mower works when you want to use it next year. So you avoid the frustration of getting your lawnmower out of the shed and discovering it’s dead when you need to mow your lawn. You can book your Winter Service on our website and beat the Spring rush.

What can you expect from a lawnmower service with Fenland Spirit Services?

  • When you book your mower in for a service, we will discuss what fuel you are using and advise on the best solution, either treated E5 petrol or Aspen fuel.
  • We collect ride on mowers locally and can collect walk behind mowers for service when we are in your area. We like to make things as easy as possible for our customers.
  • When we service your lawnmower we change the oil, spark plug and air filter.
  • We empty the old fuel from the tank and clean the carburettor, replacing gaskets and diaphragms as needed.
  • We clean under the deck, remove any grass and sharpen the blade. We check the cables’ operation, greasing them and adjusting if necessary.
  • Once done, we run the mower along the river bank next to our premises to check it’s all working well, give it a wash and then call you to let you know it’s ready.
  • If we find any issues in addition, we always call the customer to advise and quote. There will be no unexpected charges when you collect your lawnmower.

Book your Winter Service and keep your lawnmower in good working order.

4. Excellent customer service

A strong customer service ethos runs through Fenland Spirit Services. To put it simply, we want to provide you with the best machine possible for your budget and one that suits your needs. We also prioritise giving sound advice on lawnmower maintenance and tips on how to get the best out of your machine.

Putting the customer first, we will always advise on the most suitable lawnmower for your use, which could mean that we recommend a smaller machine when you have come in for a ride on mower. We want you to be satisfied with your purchase and get the right machine.

Our relationship with you doesn’t end with a sale. We can help you maintain your mower whether you’ve bought it from us or another supplier. Our lawnmower servicing will ensure that your machine is in good working order. We can also step in to do repairs in the event that there’s a problem with your lawnmower.

In a nutshell, we aim to properly serve our customers at Fenland Spirit Services. Whether we are selling you a mower or repairing your machine, we strive for excellence.

Don’t just take our word for it…Over to our much valued customers

Amazing service and knowledgeable about everything from the best mower to buy, to how to look after it. We would recommend to anyone.” Contessa Jeffs

Couldn’t ask for better customer service, been to see Stuart and Carole a couple of times now, each and every time they make you feel welcome and even go the extra mile to help you out! Couldn’t recommend them enough!” Ben

Mower has never run so good, excellent service and friendly people, will be taking all my garden machinery here for annual services and repairs from now on.” Paul Larkins

Do you need advice on what mower would work best for your garden or help with repairs? Contact the Fenland Spirit Services team, we’re happy to help.

5. Green values: we recycle and repair our lawnmowers

At Fenland Spirit Services, working towards a greener future is at our core. Our business is built on recycling and fixing lawnmowers so that they avoid the scrap heap and are reused.

So often customers tell us they’ve been told to scrap their lawnmower when it could be refurbished and last for years to come. We advocate repairing rather than buying new when it comes to lawnmowers.

When you buy one of our recycled lawnmowers it’s not only good for the environment but good for your pocket, costing much less than the equivalent new machine. Buying second hand may also mean that you end up with a mower built to a higher specification for less money.

Our focus on repairing and servicing lawnmowers can save customers substantial amounts of money as well as keeping the equipment running. It’s a win-win situation for you and the environment.

We welcome trade-in lawnmowers. Nothing goes to waste at Fenland Spirit Services. We strip the machinery we can’t repair for its reusable parts and send the rest off for recycling. All the fluids that come from servicing equipment are sent off with our approved waste fluid collection partner, Safety-Kleen. They also take oil and fuel filters which keeps hazardous waste out of landfill.

We don’t just stop at lawnmowers and garden machinery when it comes to being green.

All our parts packaging, boxes and bubble wrap are either reused or recycled with Amey Cespa. They also collect the small amount of general waste we produce and recycle it through their local facility at Waterbeach.

Our workshop has insulated walls and roof so we can use minimal heating in the winter while keeping our employees warm. In keeping with our focus on recycling, even our delivery van is a repurposed ambulance – the vanbulance.

Vanbulance we use to collect mowers for service
We collect Lawnmowers for service in our Vanbulance

In the future we’d like to invest in solar panels and rainwater harvesting. As a small business, we will continue to look at ways we can make a positive difference to the environment. Discover more about our green ideals.

6. Family lawnmower business

When you buy from Fenland Spirit Services you are supporting a small family business.
We support people and businesses in the local community and regularly contribute to local publications. Check out our articles in Littleport Life magazine, our most recent contribution being advice on E10 petrol.

We employ local people, including apprentices and young people, who have learned valuable skills with Stuart and the team. Our business is at the heart of Littleport in the fens. Come and visit us! Ring 07753 836 499 to arrange an appointment.

7. Talk to us about your lawnmower – We’re a friendly bunch!

We always have a wide selection of mowers for sale or we can service or repair your machinery.

We’re here to help you find the best mower for your needs and keep it running.

Talk to us about your lawnmower or garden equipment. You’ll get Bernie or Carol on the phone, we can book you in, answer questions about our service and about YOUR machinery. Give us a try, we like to help, we’re on 0775 383 6499 or email us at fenlandspiritservices@gmail.com