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Caring for Your Own Lawn in Summer

With summer now in full swing, it’s likely your gardening routine is, too.

Although you might already have put a lot of effort into your lawn earlier in the year, there’s still work to do during the summer months:

How should I use the lawnmower?

  • Don’t cut your lawn too short as this can make areas look sparse and restrict future growth
  • Avoid over-cutting. Stick to a schedule of once or twice per week
  • Think about upcoming holidays. If you’re unable to care for your lawn before you leave for your holiday, don’t over-cut it! Simply wait until you get back.
  • Use a strimmer to keep the edges of your lawn neat and tidy

General lawn maintenance for summer

Whilst there is work to do, summer is the time to enjoy your lawn and make the most of it!

As long as you care for your lawn properly throughout these summer months, it should bounce back from any wear and tear. However, you can use these three tips to keep your garden in perfect condition, despite a lot of use:

  • Feed and condition your lawn every 3-4 weeks. This will inject nutrients back into the dry soil and provide plants with the minerals they’ll need to grow healthily
  • Treat patches of weeds and moss with a weed killer (or an all-in-one solution)
  • Rinse your lawn with cold water throughout dry spells

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