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Winter is coming so to prepare your lawnmower for next spring please see below.

  • Clean out debris from underneath your lawnmower.  Grass compacts under the deck, scrape it out and give it a dose of WD40 or equivalent, this reduces your deck rotting and grass clogging around the belt.
  • Empty all fuel by running it empty.  If you just empty the tank, the fuel in the carburetor can block the tiny jets inside the carb.  Modern unleaded petrol only lasts approximately 2 months unless you use a fuel stabilizer or an alcalyte fuel, which we can supply.
  • Remove and sharpen the blade.  Remember, to get under your petrol mower for cleaning or to remove the blade, always push the handles to the floor.  Never tip on it’s side or upside down.  Oil will flow into the carburetor and could cause it to hydraulic meaning the engine will not turn over, or into the exhaust making your machine smoke badly.
  • Grease and lubricate the wheels, cables and levers preventing rust and prolonging the life of these parts.
  • To finish the job you might as well change the oil, air filter and spark plug too, please dispose of old oil in a responsible manner, your local recycling centre usually has a waste oil collection point.  Refill with the correct engine oil which is widely available.

If you’d rather ask someone else to service your lawnmower please get in touch with us at Fenland Spirit Services, Littleport.  Our winter servicing is just £69 until Feb 28th 2020 book your mower in now and beat the spring rush!  We also service 2 stroke equipment and ride on mowers.

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