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Now that the nights are drawing in, the days are cooler and we are seeing a lot more rainy and windy weather, do you find it’s a struggle to get out in the garden?  Make the most of a nice day to get the grass cut, rake up fallen leaves & pick up any debris left from the high winds & storms which are a familiar part of autumn weather.  Here are our autumn gardening tips for looking after your lawn.

Cutting in Autumn

If you have not already done so, raise the cutting height on your mower, avoid scalping the lawn and leaving bare patches in the grass. Don’t cut when the grass or soil are wet.  Wet grass left underneath your mower becomes acidic and can rot the metal over winter.  Also walking on the wet lawn compacts the grass and can leave ruts from the mower.  It may seem obvious but please don’t use an electric mower on wet grass. Water & electricity do not go well together.

Leaves on the Grass

Rake or pick up leaves from your lawn.  While some leaves can be useful for putting nutrients back into your soil, a larger amount can smother your lawn. Dead leaf cover will create bare patches of grass and inviting pests & diseases. Leaves are a great addition to the compost heap or can be turned into leaf mould. Put them into nets and leave to rot down, creating organic seed compost or soil conditioner.

De-thatching the Lawn

Removing dead grass is a task best completed in autumn.  It may not need doing annually so check the base of your lawn for thatch (dead grass & moss). Then if needed rake or scarify your lawn to provide good air circulation around the base of the grass.  You can complete this manually you could use a machine to do the work.

Get Air to the Roots

Aerating your lawn during autumn gardening will help to relieve it of compaction from summer use.  Use a garden fork driven into the ground and raise the ground slightly to release the soil, this process should be repeated over the whole lawn. It will improve the root structure of your grass by putting air into the soil, giving roots a chance to grow deeper & stronger. This task can also be completed in spring or split between the two seasons.

Fertilising in Autumn

Feed a balanced fertilizer in autumn to keep your lawn strong and dense, this will help it to recover from the ravages of cold, wet weather or heavy traffic.  Use an autumn fertilizer which has a lower nitrogen content & can be applied by hand or with a lawn spreader. Apply when the grass is dry and water in afterwards to minimise burning the grass.

Book a Winter Service

Lastly, it is a good idea to arrange a winter service for your garden equipment, ensuring it is ready to use in the spring.  Fenland Spirit Services are happy to help with all lawnmowers, ride on mowers, chainsaws, rotavators and other garden equipment.  We repair, service and sharpen your tools. Sharing our knowledge and helping you keep your machinery in good working order.  Get in touch to book your slot by calling on 0775 383 6499 or by emailing us on fenlandspiritservices@gmail.com